Google to have a say in the creation of android smartphone chips

Google doesn’t like to sit around while its Android ecosystem gets ever more fragmented. It’s obviously looking at approaches to exert more influence, Apple-like, of Android cell phones with a say in the creation of their processors.

Google to have a say in android smartphone chips

Google has been speaking with chip manufacturers about making cell phone processors that are based upon Google’s private designs, based on a statement in The Information.

The statement didn’t specify which chip providers Google was in conversation with, but Qualcomm, MediaTek and Samsung are defined as greatest suppliers for Android os mobile handsets. Qualcomm is the most ubiquitous, MediaTek is devoted to lower-cost Android cell phones and Samsung’s Exynos chipsets are used in its private devices.

It’s tough to see Qualcomm agreeing to this kind of collaboration with Google, since ceding control over design would begin to commoditize its business and make it harder to differentiate from other chip makers. Qualcomm is already coping with deteriorating demand for its chips and pricing pressure on its IP licensing business. For smaller chip manufacturers although the stamp of approval from Google may make less complicated to win business with cell phone suppliers.

Google wishes to make Android more as good as Apple’s iOS ecosystem, that has been gaining business in the last year while still-dominant Android has decreased marginally.

Apple standardizes just about any aspect of the iPhone with its own stamp of approval. It specially designed the A9 chips going into the most recent iPhone 6S and 6S +, bragging the fact that the new processors led to better CPU and graphics performance for the phone overall.

This isn’t the first occasion Google has explored producing its unique chips. In 2013 this company was said to be exploring designing its unique hosting server chips based on licensed designs from ARM Holding, most probably to use at its own data centers.

Having a say in the chips that go into Android phones could possibly be vital for Google in case it wants to release engaging latest features which can wow users away from iPhones or keep them on Android phones. Google is looking at chip designs that would allow Android phones to feature virtual and enhanced reality services, together with stronger sensors, in accordance with the Information.

Making awesome functions like these work well on mobile phones isn’t just a matter of pushing out a new update to Android, but fundamentally raising the phones’ processing ability to help make such functions work correctly.

In the discussions with chipmakers, Google has been asking them increase to the computational power of camera sensors to weed out the milliseconds between taking photos, creating a video-like stream of images, The Info reports.

Google also seems to want future Android chips to support cutting-edge sensors. Some might look redundant now but they are likely to have more utilization in future, including sensors that measure distance to help enable virtual-reality environments.

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