Android OS OEMs have strength, So , is Google designing its own cellphone worth the venture

Android Os OEMs have strength, so, Is Google designing its own cellphone worth the ventureViewpoint: Android os OEMs have strength, however , Google designing its own cellphone could be worth the risk

At the start, OEM partners were imperative in order to propagate Android mobile phone. Google would tackle the hard work of constructing the Operating-system, while OEMs would produce and handle carriers. This method did the trick and Android currently is the most famous mobile Operating system and Samsung is the leading touch screen phone vender in terms of mailed products. But how is Google going to maintain Android growing into the future?..

In the combat to be number 1, Google made a few crucial trade-offs, the most blatant and apparent being how Android obtains application up-dates. Significant Operating system updates require time to skin and integrate OEM functions, while until very lately security improvements were done inconsistently. Due to this fact, Android has the fame of staying unsafe and turtle-like to see fresh new features. The Nexus line was created to offer you pure Android and fix many of these complications, but after multiple versions of smart phones and tablets, end user awareness is very low.

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But recently, there are actually rumblings implying that Google is considering making their very own cell phone. The evident advantage to this type of
device would be that Google gets to control the full experience and optimize the software to match the hardware and vice versa. It would theoretically bring Google the chance to come up with a mobile phone with the level of fit and finish that Apple is well known for.

The most reported reason for why Google ought not to do this, nonetheless, is due to the fact this would mean competing with their own OEMs. Competing with one‘s OEMs has not ever worked well. Of late, this kind of activities have ended in the decimation of Windows Phone save for the ones made by Microsoft.

Nevertheless, it seems to me that Google should reexamine their relationship with OEMs and see how much they’re helping Android. In the USA smart phone market place, Google android expansion has actually been at a standstill, if it is not going down, this year. On the other hand, iOS has been growing month after month. Most likely this can be section of why discussions of making their own hardware have resurfaced as late.

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Almost all folks with Samsung and LG phones haven’t applied pure Android os. Instead, they have been making use of Android thru custom themes
as well as UXs. A lot of people don‘t use an Android phone because it integrates with their Samsung TV or LG home appliances. Buyers never have asked for these OEM extras. When the adds-on mistake, slow-down, and get in the way of using their gadget, they get angry with what they think is Android.

What people demonstrably use and wish is YouTube, Google Maps, Search, and Gmail, among other services that are firmly Google‘s. A lot of people like the services that Google delivers and that brand trust can be extended to a pure Android cellular phone.

A cell phone where the software and hardware experience is unadulterated managed and also crafted in Google‘s vision. The Google cellular phone could be a makeshift for people who have been irritated with “Android“. It could serve as the last gadget to try earlier than transitioning to a entirely different OS.

Eight years into Android os, the same issues and critiques occur. The troubles of speedy safety up-dates, new features, and so on. can not any more be chalked up to expanding aches and pains. Rather, it’s a defect in how Android was initially conceived in an effort to become great, promptly -among other reasons.

The certain, succesful Google mobile phone may make Android perfectly into a secure operating-system, will certainly make it a greater platform for coders to bring their mobile app ideas to first of all, and could improve it to a new level free from its previous problems. Yes !, Android could quite possibly hobble along on its current way. However, how renewable is that far into the future (in particular after OEMs don‘t necessarily desire to be dependent on Google at any rate)?

People like the services which Google offers and the business would try its best to remember that when deciding whether to develop their own mobile. You will find other reasons why Google shouldn’t create a mobile, but one of those reasons shouldn‘t be the concern about exasperating OEMs. A phone would give buyers the prospect start loving Google for their hardware and would most definitely get rid of a variety of incredibly old issues.

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