Where’s the ideal place to buy a Chinese Original equipment manufacturer mobile handset on the net?

Where’s the ideal place to buy a Chinese Original equipment manufacturer mobile handset on the net?

 a Chinese Original equipment manufacturer mobile handset on the net -m200-111
a Chinese Original equipment manufacturer mobile handset on the net

A favorite query that we get asked here is, where’s the best place to acquire an OEM cellphone from China ? You could possibly want an Oppo phone or something from Xiao mi, Elephone or possibly even THL, but where you get it?

The solution to that issue is simultaneously pretty uncomplicated and particularly challenging! It is effortless simply because you simply have to head over to one of the internet sites that have been in this article and place you order. Very simple! It is very difficult because in the long run there’s no assurance that you certainly will possess the simplest shopping experience of your life. Before I expose my listing of almost certainly dependable merchants, ok, i’ll show you concerning the down side.

To prove the feasible challenges you might undergo, I want to tell you a real story. I purchased a handset for a pal of mine from a well-liked internet based wholesaler / retailer. I paid by way of PayPal and chose delivery by way of a well known courier. Some days later I received a tracking NO. and so I was able to trail my product as it meandered its way around the world. The product departed Hong Kong and found its way to Europe (which was very good since I am in The EU). It bounced around in Europe for a lttle bit, and at last appeared to come to rest in Italy. I don’t stay in Italia. I thought it was merely another stop over as the package made its way to me. The next time I inspected the tracking info I found that the package had been delivered and signed for by one “Galeazzi,” in Modena, Italy.

And So I approached the middleman. Sometimes I got a reply with platitudes about how they were looking into it, and later I merely got forgotten about. In the end I used the “live chat” function on the wholesaler’s web site to truly speak with a person and talk about my trouble. The sales assistant assured to get in touch with me and in all fairness they did. The wholesaler blamed the courier, however, I blamed the middleman.

It sounds as if the dealer believed that the courier couldn’t deliver a package to the right address. OK, I comprehend if the delivery driver confuses apartment 13 with apartment 31, as he is having a bad day, but to state that the courier shipped it to the completely wrong location is a little bit far-fetched. Luckily that after several weeks from my original order I did obtain a return from the wholesaler.

So, as Italians would have said a handful of thousand years ago, “caveat emptor” – let the buyer beware.

Brand Official shops

Probably the best shop to buy a Chinese smartphone is through the official online store of the maker. The advantages are that the store will offer good prices, have high levels of supply, and will have experience in international sales of their gadgets. In addition to the standing of the brand is behind the web store which means you have a higher possibility of contentment should things get it wrong.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”cart-2″ wrap=”b”]      Oppo’s official store is the OppoStyle shop. There is a European as well as an International shop.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”cart-2″ wrap=”b”]      Elephone’s online store is Elephone Mart. All orders placed are handled by PayPal.

A number of other Chinese phone producers offer online stores as well, despite the fact that not all of them mail overseas.

Web-sites I’ve actually applied

Additional to official stores, you will discover an abundance of suppliers which distribute brand and unbranded (white label) products, however for me personally I’d keep clear of the unbranded stuff. This is a menu of sites that I have strictly made use of, chatted with the folks that work there, and actually received a product.

an OEM cellphone from China -m200-16
an OEM cellphone from China

[wp-svg-icons icon=”cart-2″ wrap=”b”]      711Gear offers much more than handsets, you will find a great deal of items such as garments and sports apparatus. Yet it also contains a good variety of Android gadgets. Its stocked companies contain Elephone, 1+, ZUK, Lenovo, and perhaps Asus.

Honorable mentions

I haven’t actually made use of all of these websites (with the exception of Aliexpress), but they’re typically reputable.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”cart-2″ wrap=”b”]     Tinydeal – One other popular Chinese supplier. Provides Lenovo, ZUK, , Huawei, ZTE, Elephone, , Asus, and 1+. They have a U . s . warehouse that ships some of their hottest goods.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”cart-2″ wrap=”b”]      Deal Extreme – Anything from business office materials to handsets. Possesses warehouses in Australia, Europe and United states which actually decrease the risks and fees of overseas transport.

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