Cell Phone Brand names in Pakistan Marketplace

Cell Phone Brand names in Pakistan Marketplace
Pakistan is considered the quickest rising region regarding cellular telephone user base on account of 130 , 000, 000 cellular telephone consumers. Though enhanced data solutions are not introduced yet rate of growth still raising yearly. Thus just think about while leading-edge data solutions 3G / 4G introduced, the mobile subscriber rate will grow drastically. There are in whole 5 mobile telecommunication service providers running presently.

Globe’s most desired smartphone maker are announcing their unique mobiles in Pakistan to get a massive consumer base while you will also discover certain internal cell phone maker to pick up thriving chances. Up coming is the brief introduction of each and every cellular phone company in Pakistan. We’re going to release more detailed articles or blog posts concerning their business from now on. Stay tuned for more.



OPPO is definitely an worldwide high-technology company that was set up in The year 2004. Our products or services are purchased from nations and areas like China, Usa, Russian federation, The European Union, South Korea, India, and South-east Asian countries. We’ve been dedicated to building ourselves as a venture focused on phones along with mobile internet support. These days, we commence to offer you our enhanced and stylish smartphone in Pakistan, and so we desire to engage fatanstic native employees to reach our corporate plans.

Apple from The USA

Apple brand

An early business name in the pc marketplace, Apple Company. made its venture towards the mobile phone market place using the iPhone in The year 2007. Employing the Mac OS X kernel, Apple inc equiped its cellphone with an leading-edge os that’s nowadays referred to as iOS. Apple is credited for redesigning the mobile computing industry using the iPhone and then using the iPad in 2010.

Blackberry from Canada


Research In Motion (simply speaking for RIM) is a Canada’s business developing the famous business mobile mobile phone Blackberry. referred to as the life line of business e-mails, Blackberry is actually a tag of symbol of status for corporation consumers for very long. The Blackberry brand identity is such that every smart phone found getting a complete QWERTY key board was swiftly described as a Blackberry

HTC From Taiwan

htc logo

Previously commonly called High Tech Computer Company, HTC posesses a plentiful historical past. Though lots of us are aware of HTC for introducing some good Android os products for example the foremost Android os cellular telephone, the T-Mobile G1, the truth is that this Taiwanese firm has existed from 1997. For the better half of the previous ten years many Windows Smartphones marketed by many makers and telecommunication companies across the world were manufactured by HTC.

Huawei from China

huawei logo

Maybe you are having a Huawei device, and perhaps you simply don’t notice it nonetheless. In addition to its venture into mobile phones, this Chinese maker delivers 3G dongles for most of telecommunication companies in India. Other than electronics , So far, Huawei is actually greatest telecoms hardware manufacturer across the globe. At the present time, they majorly are depending on Google’s free Android operating system to design the software applications for their own phones.

Nokia from Finland

Nokia logo

A significant gamer in the growth and development of phones and network criteria, Nokia is known as a brand name symbolic of cellular phones for some people. Accompanied by a full history, Nokia led the mobile phone development in the past 10 years nevertheless now Samsung get the place as world’s greatest selling cellular phone trademark.

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