FAQs concerning smartphone OEMs and Android

FAQs concerning smartphone OEMs and Android

What does OEM mean?

OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer.

what is oem

Do Android OEMs (Samsung, LG, HTC,etc) pay Google a fee every phone for Android OS?

Nope, Google really doesn’t charge any OEM a licensing fee for Android. What can be better than cost-free? Android costs nothing & OPEN SOURCE.

I will tell you as I worked for Samsung in Android OS group. They take the Android source code then customize according to the requirement. Then make a build. That’s entirely optional.

Yes for few technical related stuff (for instance patents) you are bound to give royalty , otherwise ready to receive a mail “See you in Court”.
So precisely for Android, Samsung, LG and also HTC doesn’t pay out anything.

Why is it that mobile phone OEMs employ Android?

Which are the primary causes virtually all handset OEMs use Android? Absence of other alternatives? Google’s brand strength with consumers and even Google’s services (search engine, googlemail, google maps, YouTube, etc.)? Fee?

Two very big major causes.

1. Google Play Store.

It is the primary open appstore. Those who don’t wish to acquire an iphone just require the most significant other appstore in their cellular phone and that is definitely android. So, the other handset makers (not Apple) have got to guarantee that the product is able to use Google Play!

search engine, googlemail, google maps, YouTube

2. Due to Android OPERATING SYSTEM itself.

It is always open-source. It is inexpensive to develop for, no licensing charges.

Supports a number of hardware components and is easy to develop for.

The open-source license is of Appache kind, so they are able to still add their own code to it and make that proprietary (if they desire) to gain some benefits over the competition producing suchlike android mobile phones.

On the remaining totally open cellphone OSes (in line with the GNU licence) this isn’t achievable considering that inserted code also need to be open-source with GNU and the mobiles would definitely look even more the same than the custom android versions we come across currently (Good for us who dislike themes, damaging to producers).

On the a lot more restrictive OSes, for instance windows phone OS, you can find rather more constraints on the hardware and I don’t think that manufacturers may also add as much private code, if any, to the key of OS. As a result they are too restricted on it. Besides, Windows phone 7 or 8 possess a smaller appstore when compared to the huge two….

So, android OPERATING SYSTEM reaches an equilibrium between a flexibility in open-source and the opportunity to bring in proprietary code that may be a good sharp edge for the manufacturer.

What do OEM mobile makers give Google for their deployment of Android OS?

Nothing at all I believe. Android is completely free to use on any product. But however in the event that you desire to fork the android from the source and modify it based upon your likes and marketplace it in a broad scale. You have to acquire licences to achieve that through Google.

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