Tips to establish your own mobile brand

Tips to establish your own mobile brand

Before the new smartphone brand arrives in this planet, you should make it a point that you understand your focused market well. Be sure that you can certainly answer the questions listed below:

Which phone model is most in-demand in your country or region?

Which end does your phone brand target, high-end market place, middle-end market place, low-end marketplace?

What is your Minimum Order Quantity? (Perhaps you be confused due to the fact you do not know the amount of money each cellphone will cost you.)

The Function of integrator in the smart phone industry

integrator in the phone industry

The businesses of an integrator can cover all the following:
International Certification
Marketing Channel
Product Sales
Cost Control

An integrator will probably be your partner in China, who is able to help you with OEM manufacturing, Custom skin, Third-party Test, and so on. Therefore, it’s a good idea to stay in touch with them. Subsequently, the upcoming question will be: how can I contact them. Just do it– follow the steps below for the answer.


Step 1:

Head to this OEM Chinese phone platform you can type the Web link or simply just search cnoemphone on Google , Bing , Yahoo, or other search engines. There, you should be able to find out the maker which help grow your business or the fashionable model that hit the spot.

Chinese phone OEM platform

Step 2:

Navigate to the contacts area on the top. Get in touch with private assistant, and after that get in touch with him/her. Know more secrets and techniques concerning Chinese smartphone industry. They looks all native Chinese people, so they know what you’d like to learn but failed to .


Step 3

Check out all of the models You’ll find so many choices and combinations. The filter will help you find what you need without delay.

Simply just filter by CPU, RAM, ROM, Display, Front Camera, Rear Camera and even Networks

filter by CPU, RAM


Step 4:

In case you failed to get the best smartphone model for you after browsing a long way from the homepage, we suggest you an alternative choice. Happily, this Chinese platform enables you to submit a ticket telling your distinctive needs. They will reply to you soon.

submit a ticket telling your unique requirements


Interested in Elephone devices?


In case that you are quite curious about certain model of Elephone, for example , fashionable P7000, P8000, P9000, etc.

You can get in touch with the corporation via support(at) As far as I am concerned, nearly every elephone model has over one ID design, the one put into the marketplace is in general most excellent but at times it might be not best for you. Different countries, Different requirements, Different trends.


Thus, just have a go before you say goodbye to a promising model that could enhance your business to higher level. Bear in mind: Chinese are usually very friendly to partner with. Even if they can’t satisfy your needs / requirements eventually (Maybe caused by technology issue or anything else) , however, they will try their very best always.


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