Why android operating system updates are postponed to the phones of all other companies except nexus phones?

The reason why android operating system updates are postponed to the phones of all other companies except nexus phones?

Android is Open-source project created by Google. And Nexus family is by Google. So it is totally obvious that Nexus can attain fresh new updates.create your android phone rom

Right now, relocate to your subject why updates are postponed for other enterprises.

You could have seen that almost all of the corporations have their own unique Android User Interface.such as. MIUI, CM, TouchWiz, and so on.

Mobile phone Enterprises strive to fine-tune or bring in a few beneficial functions to the original Android operating system so that they can make it more clients friendly.

Thus for this, Programmers calls for time. That’s the reason why updates are late.

Now releasing updates is determined by the corporation ( based on the time invested by Developers to develop as well as beta testing and so forth.)

Android updates are to all other products apart from Nexus models due to the fact other firms do not use natural android as it is utilized by Nexus phones, So they needed time to tune newer android OS versions according to their models and add all of the mobile applications they ship with their models. On the flip side, Google make certain that every one of the newer versions should support most up-to-date Nexus handsets with no adjustments or modifications.


How to manually upgrade my Android 4.4.4 => 5.1 Lolipop?


To begin with, take into consideration:

In the event that you’re thinking of doing this, the manufacturer’s warranty will likely be invalidIt is determined by which kind of phone / model you have. Certain phones are supported while some aren’t. As an illustration, in case I possess a HTC Desire 510, a less popular model, HTC would possibly not launch an update for lollipop in contrast to for their top smart phone (such as the One).

Even so, in case your phone model won’t obtain the lollipop update, you’ll probably still use a custom-made lollipoo ROM. Head to http://www.xda-developers.com/ and try to find several ROMs backed up by your handset.



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