Unboxing my Blu Vivo XL android phone $99.99 from Best Buy

Boring Unboxing video I made for this new blu vivo xl phone I just got from best buy. Thanks Blu… so far I’m loving this phone.
For specs on this phone it’s worth $99… and probably worth $150.
* 16gb internal storage with 2gb of ram
* Only 720p screen but it’s bright and sharp
* Did I already mention it has a 720p screen? That means more battery life
* CPU octacore antutu 6.0.1 score of 35000. Comparable to Galaxy Note 3?
* Replaceable battery. Battery is 3150mah. First day of using.. it lasted 1day and 8hrs… with 5hrs of actual screen time.
* Has micro sd slot. Tested with 32gb.. I believe max is 64gb
* Has dual sim card slots… yes 2 for those who travel
* Includes a free screen protector and case!? How many manufacturers do that for you?
* Signal strength is great on t-mobile… tested on band 4
* Ear piece and speakerphone is clear and loud. No problems talking on phone.
* Rear camera is as good as Galaxy Note II. It’s a 13mp shooter. Front camera is I think 5mp., but I felt in my testing it was comparable to a iphone 5 front camera
* LCD touchscreen is responsive… not problems here.

This phone appears to support band 12 for t-mobile. I tested with lte discovery app.

manufacturers website:

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (https://www.youtube.com/editor)


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