Elephone W2 specification Inexpensive, well-made

Elephone W2 specification Inexpensive, well-made 

Brief summary

OUR Ranking:

  1. Positive aspects
  2. Engaging model
  3. Watertight
  4. Much time battery
  • Negative aspects
  • No panel boundaries its effectiveness
  • Friend software disappoints
  • Considerably better wellness and fitness choices available
  • Very big

Significant Benefits

Weight loss traffic monitoring

3-period battery

Partner software for Android operating system

Water resistant

Company: Elephone

Assessment Total price: £45.00

What Exactly Is The ELEPHONE W2?

The W2 is usually an analogue look at with touch screen phone useful functionality from very low-rate China cellphone-creator Elephone. It is lacking in an Liquid crystal display but tends to watch ingredients similar to simple steps sleeping and taken behaviours, and could also be used to tell you of inbound requests and alarm systems.

According to the manufacturer, lasts for around three months, it uses a traditional CR2032 3V watch battery that. The W2 is water-proof approximately 30 metres and features its own friend mobile app.

ELEPHONE W2 -> Design and style And Make

The W2 isn’t like other smartwatches -> this will become evident the instant you create the larger field that it vessels. To start with, you must build the wrist watch oneself, relating the band with the field-regular 22mm connector. Have a look at Elephone W2 specification on official

You will also realize two supplemental battery power as well as a smaller screw driver -> the second to clear out the back around the check out to place the previous. And therefore runs off CR2032 batteries that Elephone claims deliver three months of Bluetooth-linked stamina before they need to be replaced, the W2 lacks a power-guzzling LCD screen.

If not better, than Motorola’s famous Android Wear watch, the circular, stainless-steel design calls to mind the Moto 360, and the build quality is just as good.

The system is unexpectedly weighty and seems well-built. On your ideal-fingers facet on the check out you’ll obtain two keys along with a call for reforming the shine-in-the-dim analogue arms. That’s ideal, the W2 isn’t like other smartwatches in this particular it doesn’t use a online showcase – there is an analogue circulation as being a “common” wrist watch.

If used in this manner, the battery will apparently last up to three years, this enables the W2 to operate independently of your phone, and.

Over the facial area of your see are varied Leds, which are widely used to relate tips which include relationship rank and ways in which a great deal exercise you’ve executed. The wrist watch has two methods -> get to sleep and physical activity -> and, annoyingly, you should toggle between the two by carrying about the reduce switch relating to the edge.

If you are about and out, the low traditional bank of 10 Light emitting diodes on your cope with within the sit back and watch illuminate to present how near you might be to accomplishing your everyday mission. Every one Guided signifies ten percent from your day-to-day motive.

The rear of the product has several anchoring screws that should be taken out to alter battery. Ever since the W2 is charged as giving the water-level of resistance about 30 meters, it is crucial that you refit the rear board snugly. There were clearly a situations I noticed involved which i hadn’t predetermined it the right way along with to dual-verify.

Because of that aforementioned 22mm connection, you can swap it out with a strap of your choosing if you so wish, though the strap is advertised as being genuine Italian leather and is nice enough. A few others noted that it looked a little cheap, even though personally, I didn’t mind the pattern on the leather.

ELEPHONE W2 -> Software programs

To get full functionality you have to install the companion application, though linking the W2 to your phone via Bluetooth is easy enough. The advertised iOS version doesn’t seem to be available as yet, though it’s on the Google Play Store. This software helps guide you quite a few ways you’ve implemented and the number of calories you’re believed to get scorched out thus.

At this point you can easily arranged your day-to-day aim for, as well as you inches nearer to this intent you’ll view the Leds early spring to our lives. To view detailed information you’ll need to consult the app, although it’s a neat way of displaying your progress.

A further panel indicates your slumbering files, with all the relax and watch keeping tabs on your circulation any time you slumber to offer a photograph of methods seriously you get to sleep. It’s easy to see the entire computer data seized through W2 shown on a graph, which provides you a wise idea of this activity and dozing patterns.

Other places while in the mobile app, you can easily empower an inactive attentive which causes the W2 vibrate when you’ve been sat from the very same place for your sure amount of time, promoting people to rise up and take a walk about.

You may as well help make the see rumble being an burglar alarm. A “look for cellular phone” configuration exists extremely: two times-media the base control button and this will purpose your telephone to engagement ring, providing it’s in Wireless bluetooth collection, certainly.

Finally, you have to use the built-in camera app in the W2 application, which for some reason distorts the image, even though you can use the watch as a remote shutter for your phone’s camera. It can be very helpful in certain situations -> using honest selfies, conceivably -> yet it is almost never what I’d think about essential merchandising time.

ELEPHONE W2 -> Power supply

As opposed to other smartwatches, the W2 doesn’t experience an inside re-chargeable battery pack. Rather than, it employs CR2032 microscopic cells, for the style you’ll get in some conventional wristwatches. These present around three a few months of staying power along with the Wireless bluetooth bond permitted. The W3 is capable of doing presenting this sort of battery lifespan since it does not get a display screen to electrical power.

This arrangement could be quite agreeable if you don’t like the idea of having to charge your watch every night to ensure it doesn’t die on you the following day.

post and shops offices sell them -> and because you get two spares with the phone, you’re basically good for nine months of use before you have to even consider restocking.

You can check the remaining stamina at any time via the W2 application, though the uppermost LED on the face of the watch flashes red when the battery needs replacing.

Should You Select The ELEPHONE W2?

Not everybody wishes for a smartwatch that completely clones the capability within their telephone, although the possible lack of an Liquid crystal display tv screen around the W2 can actually look like a disadvantage, it helps the product to supply amazing battery lifespan along with a robust give full attention to conditioning keeping track of. In addition it suggests that it appears similar to a appropriate analogue wrist watch -> an added bonus for those that obtain old fashioned smartwatches rather far too complete-on regarding their choices.

Such as the ability to quickly view alerts and notifications without having to take out your phone from your pocket, by removing the LCD screen Elephone has taken away many of the features on which smartwatches are sold.

If you have your phone on you at all times, the W2 is basically replicating the fitness tracking in Google’s Fit app or Apple’s HealthKit, also, as a fitness aid its usefulness could be questioned;. If you leave your phone at home when you’re out jogging, as it can sync up the data with the W2 app when you return from your exercise, it’s only going to be genuinely worthwhile.

Immediately after utilizing the W2 only a few several weeks, I virtually neglected that it was a smartwatch. The only other feature I found truly interesting was the sedentary alert, which gave me the kick I needed to make sure I walked around a bit during the working day, although i’m not obsessive about monitoring my fitness so perhaps that aspect of the device’s functionality was lost on me.

The alert warn is essentially unnecessary, since i have know when my device is buzzing given it often creates a disturbance or vibrates -> I seriously do not really need anything on my own arm to share me that, mainly not really a system that is lacking in the methods to essentially exhibit me that is buzzing, text messaging or emailing me. The W2 is hard to recommend as such. It is not skinny or stable adequate to become a genuine health product, but it is lacking in the Liquid crystal computer screen important for viewing high on signals.

At about £45 it’s not pricey when compared with other smartwatches, and the undeniable fact that it backs up either iOS and Android may be a decent hint. I think the ideal buyer for the W2 is someone who wants a watch more than they want a smartwatch -> which rather defeats the object when you consider that there are plenty of “normal” watches out there for around the same price. Alternatively, less.


Inexpensive, well-made though not everything valuable -> the Elephone W2 is definitely a smartwatch that challenges to warrant its being.


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