Acer Liquid Zest 4G version hands on: Acer’s latest inexpensive cell phone

Acer Liquid Zest 4G version hands on: Acer’s latest inexpensive cell phone

Acer Liquid Zest 4G cell phone

We just lately go hands on with Acer’s most up to date budget-friendly smart phone, the Liquid Zest 4G

Going after on from 2015’s cool Jade Z, Acer has a fresh, fruity add-on to its Liquid hand phone line: the Liquid Zest as well as Liquid Zest 4G. The latter, as the model name has revealed, can support 4G networks, but actually the 2 mobile phone devices are nearly identical.



Acer’s latest inexpensive cell phone with 5inch HD IPS display screen and Android 6.0

They both feature a 5in., 1,280 by 720 resolution display screen wrapped in a slick plastic-made backside cover, an 8 mega-pixel rear snapper and a wide-angle 5-mega-pixel front side shooter, and both of these make use of Android 6.0 .

The key difference is the kind of chipset working inside them. The ordinary Zest features 4-core 1.3Gigahertz processor chip – probably a Snapdragon 210 – but the Zest 4G possesses a 4-core 1.0GHz MediaTek MT6735 processer.

Without doubt, the selection of a MediaTek SOC easily sends warning bells buzzing. Evidently, the Liquid Jade Z received a MediaTek chip set, and while it excelled at CPU-based jobs, its gaming performance fell considerably flat. But, when the Zest 4G will set you back just £120 (the average Zest is much inexpensive priced at £90), this could virtually be accepted – every thing will be mentioned right after I acquire one in for review to experience even more aspects entirely.

Acer’s latest inexpensive cell phone without air gap

On the positive side, even though the 5″ screen looks more inspiring. Akin to Apple’s newest iPad pc tablets, the Liquid Zest has no air gap between touch panel and LCD part, which allows you to lower on glare and raise readability in bright sunshine. Normally, it still picks up some reflections, clearly, yet , sunlight readability is certainly a refinement in comparison with other cost effective mobile devices I have researched.

When it comes to screen’s all round performance, I was disillusioned to that whites got a visible green tinge to them, but colours still looked rather rich and additionally punchy, and blacks are visually fairly dark and deeply even on maximum brightness. Over again, I will have to wait and then learn how it does in our colorimeter tests right before I’m able to judge its specific value, yet , for a reasonably-priced handset, the touch screen is visually as if it might be on the list of Zest’s biggest assets.

Acer’s latest inexpensive cell phone supporting DTS

An extra sensible feature in the rear side of the Zest 4G is its big loudspeaker. With built-in DTS (Also called Digital Theater System) HD Premium Sound support, the Zest 4G offers some pretty impressive audio for such type of bargain-priced cellular telephone. You’ll still achieve a much better listening venture by pluging a pair of headsets, but nevertheless , when I tested out a film soundtrack , as an illustration, the bass sound absolutely had a sensible kick to it. Its middle range got somewhat lost, but it is clearly no worse than your couple of ordinary notebook computer loudspeakers.

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