Elephone M3 Review 21 Megapixel Back Camera

Elephone M3 Review – With 21 Megapixel Back Camera & Finger print Scanner

Elephone M3 Review – With 21 Megapixel Back Camera & Finger print Scanner

Elephone M3 Comparison :

Often times, price conscious cellphone seekers trying to find the most recently released and finest in functions and OS versions have already been shafted by a wide range of manufacturers presenting flagship smartphones at crazy price tags.

Dive into the Elephone M3, a 4G Android OS phone sporting Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the most current version of android until now. Let’s enter into this brand-new cell phone and uncover exactly what helps make it shines from others in the in-depth Elephone M3 Review.



The Elephone M3, at a glimpse, seems the part of a higher priced high-end cellular phone. With its top quality steel frame, this product just oozes class. As opposed to some other first-rate mobile phones, nevertheless, the Elephone M3 is a tad thicker and more substantial on account of its especially big battery. Even though this might stance a challenge for folks with very small palms, the dimensions and bodyweight cause it to feel similar to a power user’s handset instead of a toy.



Having a 5.5 in. IPS display screen having a 1080p screen resolution (particularly 1920 by 1080), this mobile is a true monster. Though its wide dimensions would bring most of the people issue with one-hand operations, the Elephone M3 makes up for it with its display quality. Boasting a sharpness rarely discovered at such price point and vibrant colors in addition to top-notch viewing angles, it makes for a amazing multimedia phone for watching every thing from podcasts to HD films.

Elephone M3 Review - With 21 Megapixel Back Camera

All round performance

With 2.0GHz  of speed and Eight ARM-architecture cores, the MediaTek Helio P10 energizes the Elephone M3 without breaking into a sweat. It will execute all of the most recent games and films in magnificent details without having to break into a sweat, running quite heavy video games in stunning High definition and rapidly packing massive applications quickly. With 3 GB of RAM memory in addition working with an productive 8-core SOC, this smartphone gets to be a multi tasking monster, simply pulling ahead of many other mobile handsets which just stock 2 Gigabyte of RAM.



The Elephone M3 just has 16 Gigabyte of built-in storage memory which, although being only borderline acceptable, can be expanded as many as 128 Gigabyte with a Micro SD card.

When it comes to Connectivity, the Elephone M3 is no slob: Featuring the most recent Bluetooth 4.0, 4G, 3G, Wi-fi, and mobile tethering choices. Although without a gyroscope sensor, its in-built accelerometer is enough for the majority of video games and software applications which need movement. But with regards to navigation, The Elephone M3 is furnished with a GPS and a digital compass for absolute location accuracy. Last but not least, its fingermark reader permits practical and simplified safety; it utilizes the sensor in its screen locking along with some other more personal apps for instance a password reset.



One of several major marketing points of the M3, its camera is the description of top end. Taking a stunning 21 Megapixel backside camera with a Sony IMX230 sensor and a 5MP shooter on the front side, this smart phone allows you to shoot eye-catching photos, day and nite. Moreover, it is able to capture video clips in 1080p FHD; this the best available resolution today save for 4K. The front camera is no stoop also, appearing excellent for selfies with a extensive angle.

Elephone M3 Review 21 Megapixel Back Camera

Li-Po Battery Lifespan

The Elephone M3 packages a 3050 mAh Li-Po battery. It’s significantly more battery capacity than that in a good number of mobile phones you’ll find , getting closer to the average capacity of tablet pcs. Along with the power saving functions of the MediaTek Helio P10 , this giant can last you for the entire day despite heavy use.


Ultimate Result

With the addition of the most recently released version of android and extra powerful specifications , the Elephone M3 is a phone which undeniably offers you the most bang-for-your-buck and is a wonderful deal for anyone from the multi-media buff to the power user to everyone somewhere between. Look into the underneath Pricing part for further information on the prices.


Price tag & Best Shop to acquire :

So far as the price tag is concerned, you are able to purchase this at a presale price of just about $200.

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