Profiles of PCB Board Manufacturers in China

Profiles of PCB Board Manufacturers in China

Source: their own official websites


Asia Pacific Circuits Co., Ltd

Asia Pacific Circuits Co., Ltd focuses on PCB board fabrication and assembly, which include prototype and production PCBs. We provide you with premium quality and economical Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services – consisting of PCB manufacturing, Electronic component sourcing and all-inclusive PCB board assembly. With cutting-edge facilities and up-to-date technologies, we serve clients in wide-ranging industries.

We’re dedicated to your full satisfaction. Time to market signifies how the company’s time-critical, one-stop fabrication services make it possible for clients to cut short the time period necessary to develop new merchandise and push them to market.

Asia Pacific Circuits facilities are already ISO9001-2008 qualified, ISO 14001 (Environmental), UL Identified, TS16949, TSTS13485 certified, IPC-A-600 and IPC-A-610 3 certified. We own Three factories in China Shenzhen plant – PCB Prototype to mid-volume PCB fabrication and PCB assembly services. Distinctive from China Traditional PCB manufacturer (4 layers pcb, 6 layers pcb, 8 layers pcb general pcb manufacturers from China), However , the HDI circuit board is challenging, We have a new HDI PCB plant – Changsha PCB factory – HDI PCB Production Quantities.

After 18 years of endeavours to develop a excellent sales system, We set up a over-all management system, gained the ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system certification. We possess a highly qualified sales, PCB fabrication and PCB assembly in one of the roof, enhance the sales process and thorough fabrication and testing equipment to make certain delivery to the user 100% qualified products.

YuCha Electronics Co.,Ltd (Leading PCBA Factory/Company in China)

Yucha Electronics is a top reliable PCB assembly service company from CHINA ,providing affordable most reliable PCBA services and high quality PCBA electrics to a wide variety of clients in the electronics manufacture service industry for decades
Yucha is an ISO and UL qualified contract manufacturer. Our Production applications include Telecom, Security, Industrial Controls, Medical, Automotive and Consumer Electronics.

Being a PCBA expert manufacturer , Yucha have the ability to fulfill all of your PCB design requirements , from single-side boards to complicated multi-layered PCBs

ABP Electronics

ABP Electronics started in 2004, we focus on 5-200 sets quick-turn PCB & PCBA fabrication.


We own our private PCB facility and SMT production line, well-equipped with a variety of testing hardware. In the mean time, ABP gets skilled, expert development and research staff; young and enthusiastic sales support team; senior purchase team and technical assembly testing team. All these guarantee our high quality and delivery time.

Our services consists of PCB layout and design, 2 to 20 layers PCB fabrication, components sourcing, SMT and assembly. Our advantages are quick quotation, manufacturing and delivery, specifically for prototype and small-volume orders. Our major products include industrial control, automotive, security, telecommunication, healthcare and new energy. ABP dedicated to supply turnkey electronics manufacturing solutions from PCB to PCB assembly for worldwide clients.

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